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Yashar Anbari is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, and Online gym coach from Iran. Yashar Anbari was born in 1993 in Iran. Yashar Anbari has been interested in bodybuilding since childhood. Yashar Anbari started training at the gym at a very young age. Yashar Anbari competed for the first time in 2013 in WBPF Slovakia Championships in the Men’s Physique category and got the 3rd position.

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Yashar Anbari
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Yashar Anbari Date of Birth1993
Yashar Anbari Age30 Years
Yashar Anbari Height5 Feets 10 Inches
Yashar Anbari NationalityIranian
Yashar Anbari age
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Yashar Anbari Contests History

Yashar Anbari height
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  • 2013, WBPF Slovakia Championships, Men’s Physique, 3rd
  • 2015, WBPF Thailand Pro, Men’s Physique, 5th Plus
  • 2016, Dubai Muscle Show Asia, Men’s Classic Physique, 1st
  • 2018, IFBB Arnold Classic Australia, Men’s Classic Physique Open, 2nd
  • 2018, IFBB Amateur Olympia China, Men’s Classic Physique, 2nd
  • 2018, IFBB Amateur Olympia Newzeland, Men’s Classic Physique, 1st
  • 2019, IFBB Amateur Olympia Tunisia, Men’s Classic Physique Overall, 1st
  • 2019, IFBB Asia Grand Prix Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 12th
  • 2021, IFBB Xtreme Bodybuilding & Fitness Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 13th
  • 2021, IFBB Monterrey Pro, Men’s Physique, 2nd
  • 2022, IFBB Muscle Contest Brazil Pro, Men’s Physique, 14th
  • 2022, IFBB Xtreme Pro Mexico, Men’s Classic Physique, 7th
  • 2022, IFBB Colombia Pro, Men’s Physique, 13th
  • 2022, IFBB Sheru Classic Mexico Grand Battle Pro, Men’s Physique, 4th
  • 2022, IFBB Sheru Classic Mumbai Pro, Men’s Physique, 15th
Yashar Anbari weight
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Yashar Anbari Wife

Yashar Anbari is not married. He’s single yet. Yashar Anbari is no relationship with anyone. However, Yashar Anbari loves her mother, who helps Yashar Anbari to achieve his goals.

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